2013 Angasi Bar& Grill Boutique Accommodation Website


2013 Angasi Bar& Grill Boutique Accommodation Website

2013 Angasi Bar& Grill Boutique Accommodation

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EXPERIENCE Angasi Bar & Grill Portarlington Boutique Accommodation of rooms and apartments.

Once known as  The Ol’ Duke, it closed down in June 2013, leaving a beautiful building with no immediate future.

The Bellarine Brewing Company took over the Ol Duke property, re-opening it in October 2013 and renamed it Angasi Bar & Grill after the local Bellarine Peninsula endemic oyster.

The historic facade hints at the plush interior appointments allowing an enjoyable and relaxing experience. The local mussels, for which Portarlington is still famous today, feature on both the lunch and dinner menus. The Mussel Stout was first brewed by local Bellarine Brewery Company and is a firm favourite, along side their other refreshing beers.  Why not come on down, soak up the view and satisfy your taste buds.

The southern mud oyster, also known as the native flat oyster, ‘Ostrea angasi’, is endemic to southern Australia, ranging from Western Australia to southeast New South Wales and around Victoria and Tasmania.

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