Static Websites

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Static Web Sites


Also known as cost effective “Brochure Sites” due to the fact that the content is static like a printed brochure.


The Brochure Site is designed to ‘brand’ your business, and inform your customers about your products and services and how to contact your business.


It provides a professional look and feel to inspire confidence and is a first point of contact where potential customers can find out about you, where you are located, and your contact information. You use it to build your company image and customer confidence so they take the next step to contact you about your products and/or services.

You can include photos, downloadable forms, documents, and product brochures describing your services.

This is the most “affordable” style of website that all business owners should at least consider in addition to your usual ” Pages Style” or other advertising listings.

In this day and age you should seriously reconsider your advertising strategy if still putting your eggs in the coloured pages style basket.

Yes your business name will be on the internet, but only able to be found along with all your DIRECT competitors alongside your listing.

Your business is much more likely to benefit from a well designed website with excellent SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) that is able to be found on the first few pages of Google for your search terms.


We are a Melbourne based, Bellarine branch located, web design company who offer effective, custom designed web solutions that are professional and affordable in comparison to “Pages Style” advertising.

We also perform web site optimization techniques that will promote your business and help your site increase its visibility in major search engines for your industry key phrase searches.