Beware of email scams!

Beware of email scams!

We all know the obvious ones starting with “Dear ?” and “You have WON” etc but some are getting very hard to initialy identify for the novice.

Inocent looking notifications from well known companies with logo’s etc and highlighted links that look OK and seem to be genuine are able to trap you if you dont think about it to much as you hurry to work your way through all those emails you seem to get more of every day.


Unfortunately you have to try to be strict enough to just delete anything that looks suspicious without opening it as well as all those forwarded (FWD) from well meaning friends and colegues that are sure you will want to waste your time looking at the latest youtube video or trojan infected flotsam that is generously constructed by the latest ECrime gang of hackers.

Yes it is always bound to be interesting or funny but at what cost! You unwittingly become some crimelords DDOS attacker on a high profile gambling or xxxx site trying to make a buck on the net.

Now if you dont think those type of people dont deserve to be making money from a lot of hard work and expense in building their questionable benefit to society websites, it is also costing you bandwidth and possibly more with all your online banking information going out into the ether as well. This is courtesy of the hard working trojan hidden inside your computer you have going every time you are connected to the net .

Update and use that Virus checker you have, and also get a alternative firewall as well like Zonealarm or Sygate.

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